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The Elusive Deen

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I'm compelled to write on Deen as so much confusion, misinsterpretation and mistranslation shrouded this elusive word. Many lives were lost and many families were broken because of this extraordinarily elusive word. The word 'religion' doesn't have enough merit to describe Deen-ul-Islam. On the other hands, there are as many deens as there are flowers on trees.

1. Deen is simple: it is the principle of one's judgement, sanity, common sense, sobriety, 'kewarasan', global human values, a denominator for all mankind; using the power of reasonings and the power of choice embedded in everyone and should be guided by GOD.

2. The spiritual quest: This is the sign of excellence in Deen: making that final conclusion that there is only one God, no others who are equal to Him. Coming to this conclusion is actually acknowledging the embedded nature already programmed in one's self (fitrah).

3. The Life Systems: justice, non-oppressive, good human contacts, excellence in behavior, in balance with nature (flora & fauna), using the resources wisely, helping the needy, eradicating illiteracy, knowledge for all, redistribution of wealth, good governance, etc. etc. etc. All these will come naturally as no.1 & no.2 above are fulfilled.

4. Rites & rituals come along as people seeking ways to show gratitude to the Creator and these are actually very limited and are ordained (some strongly, others not so, conditionally); one can't just pluck something and regard this as a method of worship.

**putting no.4 first as somebody's struggle will make that person create his own RELIGION or follow other man-made religions. This is the majority of people here in Malaysia, they make interpolations, mistranslations and self-interpretations -- rites & rituals has become their criterion to judge/to classify other people; and in that process, they are actually creating their own brand of religions (shafieiyah, malikiyah, shieiyah, wahabieyah, etc. etc.). This religions become exclusive clubs, elitist associations, mafia groups (you can check in but you can't check out!) that bind and blind them in their own "I'm better than you" lifetime quest. Many wars were fought on these notions. Striking man-made calamities into the history mankind.

**putting no.3 first as somebody's life struggle will make that person an uncontrollable NGO (non-governance-organism). Many people have become victim of their own self struggle, self-righteousness, and put this no.3 as their priority and become uncontrollable organism. Why? let me give you an example: I have seen so much of injustice, oppression, bloodshed, fatal feuds, while I was amongst the freedom fighters of so-called Islamic separationist in the southern Thailand. What kind of justice by killing Buddhist monks? By extorting innocent family of Siamese Policeman? By torturing passerby? By bombing shops? In the name of justice? In the name of Islam? They are trampling on their own words for justice while doing injustice to others using unjustly retaliation. And they don't realize this -- as Quran mention about them: wama yash-'uruun! (oh God! I pray to you not to be part of those people! Thinking they are doing goodness but actually spreading badness). The sign of becoming one of the NGO? The general people, laymen, the public will seem to avoid this organism, unlovable, despised, loathed. Why? This organism build walls of hatred, animosities, and disrespect.

**putting no.2 as the first in somebody's struggle will not yield a fruitful crop either, and many has succumbed to insanity. Example: those who try to follow the tariqat, the sufi ways, the many self-searching way to find God with complete disregard for no.1, 3 and 4. They'll create their own sphere, a "make-believe" world, a maqam, a nirwana; completely detached from reality. And believe me, this is actually the case of many so-called new age religions.

**one that dwell too much on no.1 and disregarding 2, 3, and 4; one will be a good thinker (a scientist perhaps), freethinker, atheist, idealist, agnostic, and sometimes a dictator.

What I presented above is actually the full summary of Surah Al-Baqarah.

The Quran doesn't start with "la ilaha illaALLAH". It starts with defining what is Deen in Allah's Dominion. Fatihah also mentioned Deen in Maliki yaumid-Deen (again, Allah's Dominion).

The peak of this quest for reasonings, is to accept those that beyond reasons, and this is Faith. Therefore, we can't reach Faith without judgement, reasons, sanity, sobriety, common sense; quite simply, we can't have Faith without Deen.

Faith is not blind follow-ship! ... this in fact is subordination, subjugation, subservience-ship; not faith!

....false deen/judgement ==> false faith

....True Deen/judgement ==> True Faith.

When explaining about Deen, God also explains about human-fallacies, hence the diseases of the hearts: gluttony, greed, envy, falsehood, hidden agendas, hard-headed, intolerance, vanity, "I'm better than you", self-righteousness, wickedness, etc. etc.

Explanation of these fallacies guides us not to make false judgement, bad reasonings, etc. These explanation come from the Mesengers, the Scriptures and Al-Huda send by our Lord. The outcome of this divinely guided judgement is surely the best Deen ==> Deen-ul-Islam.

Many people start their argument based on no.3. Why?

Because this is the closest subject to their own life-experience, their personal struggle, their lifetime achievement; or may be, their family quest, their heritage. But many fall to the victim of their own sphere of interpretation. If they translate the Quran, they'll relate to this sphere of understanding and won't budge from this perspective as they hold their life-experience so dearly. They are blinded by their own perspective, not being able to understand other people's view. In the end, they'll become disillusioned with their own self-righteousness. Hence, they have their own version of their very own deen.

...lost is The Elusive Deen!

Qurban Is NOT Sacrifice

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How many people were misled by those who have disease in their heart for attributing YOU similar to pagan gods who demand sacrifice?



There are so many people whose ibadah goes to waste during the Eid Adha festival due to lack of understanding of what Qurban is!



I beseech your forgiveness for not posting this earlier.


 O Mankind! O people!
You’re not attributing Allah the proper way that He should be exalted!

Verily, the Quranic verse is very true:

“And they do not attribute Allah the rightful attribute” (Al-An’am 6:91)


Before we continue arguing, let us study the Holy Scripture of Al-Qur’an pertaining to this particular subject that many people claim is related to Qurban:


The usual translation to the above verse (As-Sofaat 37:102-107) is:

“And when he was old enough to go about and work with him, (one day) Ibrahim said to him: ‘My son, I see in my dream that I am slaughtering you. So consider (and tell me) what you think.’  He said: ‘My father, do as you are told, you’ll find me, if Allah so wills, amongst the steadfast’.” (102)

“When they both surrendered (to Allah’s command), Ibrahim flung down his son on his forehead” (103)

“We cried out: ‘O Ibrahim!’.” (104)

“You have fulfilled the vision. Indeed, WE thus reward the doers of good.” (105)

“Indeed this was a clear trial.” (106)

“And WE ransomed him with great sacrifice.” (107)


How pitifully misleading is the usual translation as this translation is actually alienated from the rest of the message of The Holy Scripture of Al-Qur’an? Not to mention that this translation is in direct conflict with Deen-Ul-Islam that we hold so dear!

Why? Now let us study the verses one by one.


(A) Etymology: There is no Arabic word in the verses that mention “Qurban” ( قرب ) and there is also no Arabic word in the verses than mention “Sacrifice” ( تضحيه ) – ta.dhoh.yah. So, where does the concept of  “Qurban is Sacrifice” coming from? (It is clear that NONE of these words is mentioned in the above verses!)

Some of you may say that Slaughter (Zab-Ha) is Qurban! And indeed it is true that Qurban was mentioned a few times in the Qur’an in other verses.

Brothers! Zab-Ha is Slaughter BUT Qurban is not Slaughter!

Qurban come from the word QoRoBa and it means “near”, “closeness”, “approach”, and “vicinity”. In Arabic, when you say you have a “close friend” (Sodeeq Muqorrab) you don’t mean “slaughter friend” or “friend slaughter”! What kind of human are you? (In Malay, “close friend” is “kawan karib”. “Karib” is borrowed from Arabic. If you equate Karib=Slaughter, then it becomes “kawan sembelih” or “sembelih kawan”! Very funny indeed!)

This kindof mentality is the one that make stupid conclusion such as this:

“Nobody is perfect. I’m a nobody. Therefore, I’m perfect!”

“Zab-ha is Sacrifice. Qurban is Zab-ha. Therefore Qurban is Sacrifice!”

-- Do yousee the relationship here? Once again I must stress here that Zab-ha is slaughter and this word has never been used in the Holy Qur’an in context with sacrifice (Ta.Dhoh.yah). In fact, Ta.Dhoh.yah is NEVER once mentioned in the Holy Scripture of Al-Qur’an. Am I clear?



(B) Divine Inspiration (or not): There is no mention in the verses above that ALLAH commanded Ibrahim to slaughter his son! Ibrahim only see that in his dream and he thought that it is a command from God. As you know, Ibrahim is one of the Prophets, as such; he can “converse” with God through “wahyu” or divine inspiration. But here, Ibrahim got confused whether his dream is divine inspiration or not. But, he regard his dream as “TRUTH” or as “REAL” – thereby the verse “Qad Sodaqta Rukya” (You regard the vision as real! – 105) because he’s afraid if this is a divine inspiration, not doing it will constitute an objection to God’s will. Hence, the verse “indeed thus WE reward the good-doers”.


But remember that there is an exclamation, a big summon before verse 105. Many translations just translate it plainly to: “Ya Ibrahim!” in 104 (without any urgency), but 104 actually say An Ya Ibrahim!” In Arabic, when we have “AN” before an exclamation, this means that it is a big cry, a call with such an urgency and should be translated as such: “Oh No! Ibrahim!” or “Oh Wait, Ibrahim!” or “OOOOO! Ibrahim!!!!!”


Thereby, verses 104-105 roughly mean that “Oh no! Ibrahim! WE never commanded you to slaughter your son. It is just a dream, but you regard that dream as real! And you are afraid of being a rebellious creature and want to do good deeds; thereby WE will reward you anyway.”



(C) Islamic Law & Jurisprudence: Sacrifice is never ordained in Islam; not in our Prophet Muhammad’s time, or since our Great Grandfather Prophet Adam!


ALLAH is so wealthy and bountiful, HE never ever need anything from HIS creatures! Sacrifice is against ALLAH’s nature – The Most Loving, Most Gracious, Most Protective! How can HE order the murder of your own “kith & kin” just to get HIS attention and blessing?


Only Satan offers you something that you want, in return of something that you love! Therefore, sacrifice is not the teaching of all Prophets or ordered by ALLAH, but it is a concept introduced by Satan.


Let me clarify how Satan did his trick.


Someone may argue that Habil and Qabil did make sacrifice to God in the early days. But Qabil’s sacrifice is not accepted. Therefore Qabil murdered Habil.


Again, this interpretation is flawed as the story of Habil and Qabil in the Qur’an never mentioned Sacrifice or Slaughter. But it was Qurbanan – i.e. they both tried to get closer to God in the form of Al-Mai’dah (Offerings). But Qabil approach is not approved because his heart is not sincere (Surah Al-Mai’dah 5:27-35). So, where is the “sacrifice”? None! Even here in Surah Al-Mai’dah, Qurbanan is not Sacrifice, but it is “Approach”, “Effort to Get Closer”. No mention of Sacrifice (or Slaughter) whatsoever! Period!



(D) Actual Meaning Twisted Around: Now let us go back to the story of Ibrahim in Surah As-Sofaat. In verse 106 ALLAH explains that if Ibrahim continued to slaughter his son, this will be a GREAT CALAMITY ( “Inna Haza Lahuwal Bala’ul Mubeen” ). Here, ALLAH uses the word BALA’ which clearly means CALAMITY/HARDSHIP/INFLICTION, not TRIAL as many translations put it. ALLAH is never out of words because HE creates languages! If HE meant trial; HE would have put the word FATAN/IKHTIBAR, not BALA’!


Please note that in the verse 106 there is an inna/la pair in “inna haza lahuwa” instead of “hazahuwa” which signify there is an “if-not-otherwise” condition. Therefore, translating this to just “this is a clear test” or “this is a great trial” is a very shallow translation and throwing the inna/la pair into disregard!


Please also note that in verse 103, Prophet Ibrahim put his son down on his forehead. This is a very awkward position to slay someone – this can be attributed to Prophet Ibrahim not willing to see his son’s eyes or face. This also showed that Prophet Ibrahim is not in a peaceful state of mind. He’s in a lot of confusion and internal conflict whether the dream is a command from Allah or not.



(E) Ransom vs. Penalty : Verse 107, the word “Fadainahu” is mostly translated as RANSOMED by many translators. But I prefer “FINE” and “PENALTY” as the root-word “DAYAN” or “DEENA” is generally understood. Yes! DEEN (as DEEN-UL-ISLAM) has the same root word as DEENA and DAYAN. Please refer to my previous post on "CONFUSION BETWEEN MILLAH, DEEN & IBADAH".

On the other hand, the false translation of "fadainahu" as “we ransomed him” works in parallel to another false translation of "qurban" as “sacrifice” and these two words will twist the meaning of Deen and Qurban altogether! Clearly, someone like to play with ambiguously false translations to cloud our beloved Deen-Ul-Islam and mould it to his/her likings! One lie led to another!


Therefore, the actual translation for verse 107 should be:

“We penalized him with a great slaughter (i.e. goat or cattle).”

Why did ALLAH fine him? Because our Prophet Ibrahim thought that ALLAH commanded him to slaughter his son, whereas killing another human being is forbidden by ALLAH! Having that kind of thought ( i.e.: killing another human being ) and attributing Human Sacrifice/Slaughtering as Allah’s Law is unlawful and you must redeem yourself with such penalty! How many goat or cattle? Of course not only a single goat, else that will not constitute Great Slaughter (zabhin ‘adzhim)!


In another word, all the verses above clearly stated that QURBAN IS NOT SACRIFICE! Our Prophet Ibrahim did slaughter a zabhin ‘adzhim as an act of redeeming himself for wrongful thought and misinterpretation of his own dream; but that act is NOT Sacrifice! It’s a penalty instead – a totally different implication!


Only Satan will hold you ransomed for human greediness and gluttony! (And this translates to asking humans for doing sacrifice in return for fulfilling a favor or wish.)


Some of them may cry out loud: “You’re implying that Prophet Ibrahim made mistakes! Prophets do not make mistakes! They are maa'suum!”


Prophets are mere mortal human beings. They made mistakes as our Great Grandfather Adam did make mistake by eating the Forbidden Fruit! (Surah Muhammad 47:19)



(F) The Underlying Agenda: How and why the verses got misinterpreted 180° out of their intended meaning can only be attributed to Mullahs, Ustadzs, Imams, Sheikhuls,Tuan Gurus and Maulanas who have hidden agenda prepared for those people who followed them blindly. And new Mullahs, Imams, Ustadz or Gurus whoever follow blindly their previous predecessors without doing further studies on this matter, are merely extending this movement of Jahiliyyah (Blatant Stupidity).


How many blind followers give charity to their organization leaving behind their children needs and sustenance thinking that this sacrifice is rewarded by ALLAH as claimed by their selfish Imams, Gurus, Sheikhuls, Maulanas, etc.? (On thecontrary, Allah orders you to put your needs first as in Al-Baqarah 2:110 and Al-Muzammil 73:20. Sadly, even these verses were misinterpreted by those Imams and Mullahs to suit their agenda!)


“Qurban as Sacrifice” is used in such a way to brainwash blind followers to submit to their despotic self-centered Imams, Gurus, Mullahs, Sheikhs or who ever that has disease in their heart so that these followers will help them realize their agendas.


In another word, those who hold “Qurban is Sacrifice” believe that ALLAH is not so wealthy, not so powerful and not so bountiful; therefore He needs His creatures to sacrifice for HIM! How lowly they attribute Allah’s characters? They look upon ALLAH vis-à-vis to pagan gods! Shame on you who believe “Qurban is Sacrifice”! All your deeds go to waste!


Remember, Sacrifice is satanic rites practiced by ancient pagan culture such as Inca-Maya in Mexico, Mohenjo-Daro in India and Qibti of the Nile River. It is taught by Satan to fool people into thinking that it is a form of Ibadah. Yes, it is Ibadah but Ibadah bil Bathil! – Wrongful Deeds! Similar to having sex with your wife is ibadah, but having sex with your neighbour’s wife is ibadah bil bathil! Please check the meaning of ibadah from my previous post.



(G) Epilogue: O People! Please bring back the real meaning of Qurban which is “seeking ways to become close to God”, or “how you approach ALLAH so that He becomes dear to you and you become dear to Him”.


Remember the Prophet Muhammad saying that “it is not the blood that reach Allah, but the nearness to your heart!” Therefore, slaughter is considered “nothing” in Islam except to make the livestock lawful (halal) for Muslims to eat.Those who believe that “Qurban isSacrifice” left a lot of goats and cattle meat to waste especially during the Hajj period in the City of Makkah. Exactly in contradictory to what our beloved Prophet Muhammad advocates.


Now let me present my humble translation of the verses above for us to ponder:

102.   So when he reaches the age of labor (i.e.: able to understand instructions), (Ibrahim) said: “O my son! Indeed I saw in my dream that I slaughter you. So what do you make out of this?” He said: “O my father! Do as you were told, if Allah will, (you will find me) amongst the steadfast.”

103.   When they become at peace (at ease) and he put him down on his forehead.

104.   And WE call out on him: “O! Wait! Ibrahim!”

105.   “You have regarded your vision as real! Indeed likewise WE will reward the good-doers anyway.”

106.   “Indeed, this otherwise becomes a clear calamity!”

107.   “And so we penalized him with a great slaughter (of cattle/livestock).”


As my last word, I challenge the Mullahs, Imams, Maulanas, Ustadz,Tuan Gurus, etc. to show your sincerity by conveying to your followers the message that I have written above without any alteration. Tell me that you will denounce the concept of “Qurban is Sacrifice” in front of your followers. Tell me that you do not feel ujub and riya’ when you’re giving speech in front of your followers. Tell me that you do not accept even a single cent from your followers. Tell me that you are not getting any sustenance by being a Mullah, an Imam, or an Ustadz. Tell me that you never beg your followers to sacrifice for your maliciously false selfish cause!


Some people who have disease in their hearts say that I’m banning the slaughter of livestock during Eid Adha following the steps of animal right activists or vegetarians.


My writings here do not mean that! The topic above is “Qurban is NOT Sacrifice” and “Sacrifice Is Not From Al-Qur’an”; not banning slaughter. There are a few words in our Holy Scripture of Al-Qur’an that describe Nusuk, Nahar and Zab-ha (all are forms of killing our livestock to make it halal).



ALLAH Is No Punisher... Part 3

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Everybody in Malaysia right now are talking about introducing the so called Islamic Rules of Law - Hukum Hudud; or so they say, flamboyantly propagated by none other that the so called Tuan Guru Nik Aziz and opposed by the ruling coalition party of Barisan National.


I’m not siding with any party here; do I make myself clear? I am only siding with Allah The All Mighty, with my beloved Prophet Muhammad and all beloved Prophets sent by Allah, and with the beloved Holy Scripture of Al-Qur’an. Clear?


I am not going to deal with the subject of Hudud here, but I am going to deal with a subject even more fundamental than Hudud.


Let us go to the even more basic question because this is the fundamental of their so called Hudud Law: Is Islam is all about what is “halal” or what is “haram”; what is “sunat” or what is “makruh”; what is “pahala” and what is “dosa”? Many of Malaysian Malay Muslim will definitely answer “YES! This is my Islam!” in fact, they fill their life and mind with this unrelenting endeavor trying to satisfy these uncertainties days in, days out.


How wrong you all are… pitifully wrong! The so call Islamic Jurisprudence formula of the so-called “Usul Fiqh” emerged more than 450 years after the death of our beloved Prophet. The so called 5 Categories of Hukm (Wajib, Sunat, Harus, Makruh, Haram) is formularized by the so called Imam Jalaluddin As-Suyuti some 850 years after the death of our beloved Prophet (or some 600 years ago).


If those so called Islamic Jurisprudence came about AFTER the death of our beloved Prophet, then how do we conclude that it is from Rasulullah? It is clear that this so called Islamic Jurisprudence is an invention injected into Islam.


The propagators of Hudud will say to you that this Usul Fiqh is taken from Al-Qur’an after much studied for centuries and agreed upon by the scholars (the so called Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah – I will deal with this group in later article!).


My friends, if you all agree that the Holy Scripture of Al-Qur’an is complete, perfect, without any defect whatsoever at the time of our beloved Prophet death [Al-Qur’an 5:3], then you all must agree that there should NOT be any injection, intervention, invention, addition whatsoever.


Anybody who make an addition whatsoever to what already been stated in the Al-Qur’an is actually considering Al-Qur’an is not complete or defective, therefore this person must not be considered a follower of Al-Qur’an! They are misleading the people!


In fact, if you search through the Holy Scripture of Al-Qur’an there is no mention of the words: makruh, harus, sunat, etc. etc. according to the way they propagated.


But there are plentiful words that similar to the meaning “there is no harm if you…” (fala junaha… ) and repeated quite a lot of times in the Al-Qur’an; especially after some degree of prohibition of something.


This show that Allah is NO PUNISHER and the so called “Islamic Jurisprudence” that they propagated is clearly NOT from Al-Qur’an.


In fact it is AGAINST the teaching of our beloved Prophet who propagated LOVE, LOVE, and LOVE – the most pronounced name of Allah.


In the other hand, they propagated that our Prophet establishes the law of cutting the hands of thieves and stoning adulterers to death.


Let me ask you simple questions: How many thieves that our beloved Prophet has chopped their hands off? What are their names?


Oh yes, they will mention there is a verse [Al-Qur'an 5:38] mentioning about chopping thieves hands. But doesn’t the following verse [Al-Qur'an 5:39] mentioning that Allah will forgive whomever repented and straighten what they have done? Allah is Most Forgiving! This and the fact there is not one soul whose hands had been cut off by our beloved Prophet shows that Islam is the Deen of Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness, Clemency, Benevolence and Love (all are the attributes of Allah – unless they worship a different god that doesn’t have these features!).


Yet another simple question: Where in the Holy Scripture of Al-Qur’an is the verse mentioning the “Hudud” law of stoning adulterers to death?


Can you believe their response that the verses about stoning adulterers were eaten by a goat; therefore it is not included in the Qur’an? Aren’t Qur’an were written down in time of Honorable Abu Bakr from people who memorized them? To justify their action of stoning, they even fabricated a hadith of this barbaric act and attributed it to our beloved Prophet who propagated Love, Love, and Love. Do you not see the blatant discrepancy?


It is evident here that if there is no such thing as Hudud ever imposed by our beloved Prophet according to the truest sense of our beloved Holy Scripture of Al-Qur’an, then the conundrum of whether we should implement Hudud or not; should never existed in the first place!


Then why do Malaysian-Muslims are so keen in this Halal/Haram, Fardhu, Wajib/Sunat/Makruh/Harus/Haram matter? Why are they so excited in implementing “Hudud Law” that is not in the Al-Qur’an? Why do they fill-up their minds with such trivial matter?


The answer is simple: It is easier to control the masses, the brain-washed people; according to their version of occultism they called “Islam”.




I’m not denying the existence of the word HARAM in the Holy Scripture of Al-Qur’an, but HARAM in the Al-Qur’an is never meant the way they would have agree upon.


The word HARAM in the Al-Qur’an never has a prohibitive meaning! It also never has any ABHORRATIVE stigma attached to it!


In the strictest Al-Quran meaning, the word HARAM comes from the word HURUM which is the act of refining gold by high temperature so that all the impurities will become visible and oxidized. HARAM means “TO PURIFY” or “TO REFINE”.


Therefore, the verse [Al-Qur’an 5:3] will mean:


“It is to purify you from such things as carcass, blood, the meat of pigs, and whatever slaughtered not in the name of Allah…”


If HARAM has abhorrative stigma, then how do you relate this to Bait-ul-Haram in Makkah? Do you detest or hate Bai-ul-Haram?


So, for the propagator of so called Islamic Jurisprudence, twisting the meaning of Haram and putting them in context with prohibitive measures and many more abhorrence stigmas will enforce their method of brain-washing and controlling the gullible masses.


Whereas, the Holy Scripture of Al-Qur’an and our beloved Prophet Muhammad move in the other direction of LOVE, FORGIVENESS, MERCY and Deen-ul-Islam (Sound Judgment).


While they are moving toward hatred, abhorrent toward people who wronged themselves, looking down toward un-pious people, segregated multi-class society.

Which one will you choose; Allah’s Islam or their “pseudo-islam”?


Those who want to liberate themselves to become the servant of Allah alone will choose Allah’s Islam. They will be successful in this world and the Hereafter.


Those who still want to lower themselves to be subordinates of despotic imams, ameers, clerics, leaders, or ustadz will have more choice from the multiple miserable paths of their “pseudo-islam”. May Allah have mercy on them because to them Allah is a Punisher!

ALLAH is No Punisher... part 2

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I feel I have to response to someone who mentioned this verse 7:96 as a proof that ALLAH punishes His creation. She explained to me that the verse translates to something like this:

And if only the people of the cities had believed and feared Allah, We would have opened upon them blessings from the heaven and the earth. Since they decided to disbelieve, we punished them for what they have done.

(Jikalau sekiranya penduduk negeri-negeri beriman dan bertakwa, pastilah Kami akan melimpahkan kepada mereka berkah dari langit dan bumi, tetapi mereka mendustakan (ayat-ayat Kami) itu, maka Kami siksa mereka disebabkan perbuatannya.)

First of all, I pray to ALLAH The Best Guidance to guide those people who hold to the above translation as a prove that ALLAH punishes His creation. I also pray to ALLAH The Most Forgiving to forgive them for being doubtful of ALLAH's love and compassion.


I must remind the readers that "taqwa" IS NEVER EVER means "fear". Some scheming devious leaders (or imam or ameer, or whatever) deliberately equate "taqwa"="fear" and "akhodznahum"="punish them" in order to deviate the masses to follow their "way" of life.


This is just another part of their plans to "corrupt" the true meaning of Al-Qur'an and to put "loopholes" in the Al-Qur'an to support their whims and desires.


To further strengthen their corrupt translation, they even equate "kasabu"="what has been done"; "yaksiboon"="what they have done". Very very very unfunny!


For the non-Arabic speaking person, their translation (almost) make sense and can easily be fooled.


But, for all you know, "kasabu" NEVER EVER means "what has been done"!


In Arabic "kasabu" means:

  • harvest
  • reap
  • gain
  • acquire
  • earn

Therefore, this will simply be rightfully matching with the Arabic word "akhodznahum" whose actual meaning is "we seized back from them"...


Surprised? I bet you will...


The Arabic word "Akhodza" means "take"

...see how far it is from what they say ("punish")?


Now, I hope that you can understand why they equate "taqwa"="fear" and how they relate "akhodza"="punish" and "kasabu"="work done". Do you see where they are leading you? Right! To their "Religion of Fear & Intimidation" of course!


Where else, we should be seeking ALLAH's Grace and Guidance and Blessing and Love and Bounty.


I know many of you are still wondering what is the actual meaning of that verse and who are the people being addressed by God in that verse. Ok, here we go. Take a deep breath and open up your mind clearly without any cloud what so ever.

And if only the people of the cities had believed and being righteously disciplined, We would have opened upon them blessings from the heaven and the earth. Since they decided to cheat (deceit, falsehood, deny), we seized back from them for what they have acquired (fraudulently).


[ Jikalau sekiranya penduduk sesuatu kawasan beriman dan berdisiplin, pastilah Kami akan bukakan kepada mereka limpah-restu Kami dari langit dan bumi, tetapi mereka mengelat dan menipu, maka Kami rampas kembali dari mereka apa yang mereka perolehi (secara salah). ]

There is NO mention in this verse about ALLAH punishes the people. Stop equating ALLAH to despotic leaders or imam or ameer!


When "akhodzna" translates to "punish", they are implying that ALLAH is cruel, wicked, autocratic, repressive and tyrannical. Which is NOT true! ALLAH is never ever in that attribute!


On the contrary, that verse actually shows how compassionate ALLAH is... It starts with "wa lau anna" ('and if only' / 'jikalau sekiranya') showing how sad the situation can be when whatever somebody had gathered and acquired through some fraudulent way, suddenly vanish! Disappear! Because ALLAH must take those things back as an ADMONITION to them hopefully they will not repeat the same mistake again.


This verse also stresses that there is no "short-cut" in life:

  • no jumping queue
  • no cutting other's throat
  • no back-stabbing
  • no cable-pulling
  • no giving bribes, etc.

The consequence of doing any of these actions is that they will lose everything and will have to restart further aback to where they have jumped fraudulently in life.


I sincerely hope that my simplistic explanation have shed some light to you of the beauty of Al-Qur'an:

  • No loopholes
  • No contradictions
  • No hidden agendas

I am just highlighting the universality of Deenul Islam (The Safe Judgement) whether it is being brought to us through our prophet Muhammad or our prophet Jesus or our prophet Moses or our prophet Abraham and all the prohets of ALLAH.


I realise that some of you may feel agitated and disturbed by my blunt, honest, straight-between-the-eyes approach. I have no intention to steal your followers or to gain anything from this. I only convey the Truth and seek the bounty and blessing of ALLAH, nothing else. Period.

Which way? The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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Maybe today’s topic may sounds like a title of the movie of yesteryears. Well, I’m an old timer, and yes! I love to watch that movie; again and again.


But today’s topic is not about the movie characters, rather about the interpretation of so many Malaysian Muslims who believe that Islam is about the “Straight Path”. They have been holding strongly on this believe for quite a few generations. They say this is the meaning of “sirothol mustaqeem”.


How peculiar… The phrase “Straight Path” if translated directly to Arabic will be “sirothol mustahneef”; not “sirothol mustaqeem”.


They look quite similar to me... what's the fuss?

It is impossible for ALLAH the All Knowing, the Most Knowledgeable; to choose a wrong word to convey to our Prophet in the Holy Scripture! HE creates languages. HE’s the Most Intricate, the Most Precise!


It would be debasing for the Malaysian Muslims to continually asserting that “sirothol mustaqeem” is “Straight Path” as if ALLAH is not All Knowing, not Most Knowledgeable. They are humiliating ALLAH if they continually to insist on this translation!


Why? “Mustaqeem” comes from the same root-word of “qoma”, “qiyyam”, “istiqomah” which bear the meaning of “standing up firmly”. Therefore, “mustaqeem” is best translated to be “Well Established”. Hence, “sirothol mustaqeem” is best translated to “Path Well Established”.


By translating “sirothol mustaqeem” to “Path Well Established”, the Holy Scripture of Al-Qur’an reaffirms that our Prophet Muhammad is propagating the same message as all the Messengers before him up to our Greatest Grandfather, our Prophet Adam. Period!


Now, if we take their translation of the “straight” path; the phrase is so unclear and has many loopholes that their imams or ameers or leaders can interpolate the phrase in such a way as to sway the masses into his “path”. Very subjective is it? And, yes, this will obscure and confuse the masses to further understanding the Holy Scripture. In other word, only the imams or ameers or leaders can interpret the Al-Qur’an (according to their whims and desire!)


Their argument to use “straight” as the meaning of “mustaqeem” is as the saying of “standing straight”. But, remember, the root word of “mustaqeem” emphasize on “standing”, “firmness”, “perseverance”, “establish”; NOT “straight”.


Which one better describe the guard at the front of Buckingham Palace? “Standing Straight” or “Standing Up Firmly”. Of course the second phrase better describe the guard. If you take the first phrase, you could be “standing straight” but loosely, sloppily, droopily or irresolutely.


Do you see now how precise is the words in the Holy Scripture of Al-Qur’an? ALLAH leaves nothing, not a space, for loopholes or any misinterpretation.


Only people with sick hearts and even sicker agendas misinterpret the Holy Scripture for their own cause, not ALLAH. Yet, they are the people who preach “fisabilillah” (“for the sake of ALLAH”); which actually for their own sake! How irony! How hypocrite!


They deliberately misinterpret “sirothol mustaqeem” as “straight path” to match their agendas of indoctrination. The gullible masses taking “straight path” will become even more gullible (as in their Malay saying “lurus bendul” – “stupid straight nerd”). Do you see how a race-horse will run if you put two pieces of black paper on the sides of its eyes? The race-horse will go straight! Mindlessly!


The same thing is true for the masses who take “taqwa=fear”, “Islam=submission”, “deen=religion=ibadah=worship=way of life”, and “Allah is the punisher of wrongdoers”. The more cloudy the minds of the masses, the easier for them to channel the masses to their path! And, worst of all, they claim this is from Al-Qur’an and this is Islam!


This is how they lay a single track on the masses’ minds and curb the masses’ creativity and ability to think logically and laterally. No wonder they claim themselves the Khalifah of Allah! How sickening…


Now, let us go back and take the intended interpretation of “sirothol mustaqeem” as “Well Established Path”.


The path is never meant to be straight – as in mathematical interpretation of Straight = “the shortest path between two points”! There are no short-cuts! It never is meant to be easy, anyway.


The Well Established Path simply states that how matter difficult it is, how challenging, how hard; it guarantees victory, success, triumph. This is simply because it has been established for generations of man kind.


The path is never straight because along the way, we will encounter so many junctions. This is where our only right given by Allah, the gift of “Choice”; is being tested. We will have to make choices as we move along the Maze of Life. This action of making choices must be correct and in accordance to the One who puts us on this planet Earth. This is ibadah bil haq - what Al-Qur'an refers to as "amalan solihan"  (correct actions).


Once we let our choice be dictated by other than The One, we become the subject of this False God (Ma’bud bil bathil) and our actions is no longer in the Well Established Path. We will stray into unfriendly territory and are deemed as Wandering Drifter (“Ad-Dholleen”)


I hope that you can now see more clearly how easy it is to understand Islam and that you will never find any contradiction if you follow the intended meanings of the Holy Scripture.


I can assure you that you will find more and more contradictions if you follow the misinterpretations of those having hidden agendas or having doubtful secret doctrine. I sincerely appeal to them to open up their eyes to the Truth and please stop misguiding the masses.


The Good = Sirotholladzina an’amta ‘alaiheem

The Bad = Ghairil maghdubi ‘alaiheem

The Ugly = Wa laad-dholleen

(from Fatihah, The first surah in the Holy Scripture of Al-Qur’an)

Is It Wrong To Enjoy LIFE?

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A vast majority of Malaysian Muslims regarded enjoyment of life as a form of wrongful act. Sinful. They have such saying as “Dunia adalah syurga bagi orang kafir; neraka bagi orang Islam” (The world is the heaven for non-Muslims; and hell for Muslims). They claimed that this saying is from our Prophet’s mouth.


They rather be poor than being rich and most will gaze scornfully at rich people. They regard being rich as nearer to the hellfire; whereas being poor is nearer to heaven. They claimed that this saying too is also from our Prophet’s mouth!


They consider living in abundant of worldly resources as being pulled slowly by God into some kind of shameful downfall (they call this “istidraj”). Yes, they have this special ability to interpret God’s action!


They will give you examples of “Kafir People” who are “filthy” rich for other Muslims NOT to follow (i.e.: bad examples).


Just how wrong they are when some of those “Kafir” people suddenly embrace Islam just before their death! (i.e.: Michael Jackson) How do they classify him? How they condemned him before being a Muslim? Where is the “shameful demise” that they predicted?


It is very disgusting to even think of them as “religious” people who perform solat (prayer) 5 times a day and repeated the Fatihah (the 1st surah of our Holy Scripture) at least 17 times and NOT understanding the meanings of what they recite everyday!


They beg and implore ALLAH at least 17 times a day to show them the way where there is an abundance of “nikmat” (pleasure, bliss, enjoyment, contentment, fun, riches, resourcefulness, etc.). But then; when ALLAH bestows this gift of “nikmat” to HIS subjects, they deem this as sinful, blasphemous, road-to-hell! (Please refer to verses 1:6 and 1:7 “ihdinas sirothol mustaqeem; sirothol ladzina an’amta ’alaihim” )


What kind of mentality do they have? I have yet to understand this amazing phenomenon. I have come to a conclusion as how they come about to be in such a complete disagreement with what they beg and implore ALLAH 17 times a day in their prayer:

  • They are merely reciting Fatihah like a parrot
  • They don’t understand any Arabic
  • They have more believe in so-called invented hadith (Prophet’s sayings) and less believe in Al-Qur’an even though it is very clear that those sayings are in complete disagreement with Al-Qur’an
  • They have some kind of hidden agendas to indoctrinate the masses
  • Maybe for them the poor, less fortunate people are easier to manage that gifted, resourceful people
  • They also regard low achievers are easier to become subordinates rather than high-achievers
  • They don’t want the masses to be on higher ground than them
  • They don’t want people to open up their eyes; therefore continually be dependant upon them

Well, whatever the excuses I want to create for them, I still can’t understand their idiocy…


We can identify the propagators of this retrograde trend of thought easily in almost every mosque in Malaysia. They will have unshaved beards, weathered clothing (mostly whites); and if they wear sarongs or trousers, they will wear them high above the ankles.


They will promptly justify this with the so called (invented false) hadith that the arrogant people will wear their cloth dragging to the ground to show their wealth and status-quo. Therefore, to avoid being perceived as arrogant, they wear their sarongs or pants high above their ankles to show their piousness. (Showing their piousness? Isn’t this a form of riyya’ or minor shirk? Islam prohibits this! Well… this is their world; so full on contradictions and idiosyncrasies!)


Who in this day and age shows their status quo by wearing cloth dragging to the ground? Won’t you think driving a Ferrari is more fitting for such a purpose?


Let me ask a question: Who would ALLAH love more; a poor person who keeps begging for mercy from others (saying that “please do this for the sake of Allah”, “fisabilillah”, etc.) OR the rich guy who spends his wealth for charity and helping others?


One more question: Who is more thankful to ALLAH? A poor person who regards Allah’s gift of “nikmat” as sinful OR a rich guy who regards Allah’s gift of “nikmat” as bliss? (Please refer to Ibrahim verse 14:7. You can easily identify a person who lives in bliss and who is being in misery. Would you say that the one who wear weathered cloth, unmanaged beard, wearing pants high above ankles is living in bliss? How pitifully clouded is his mind… )


Please don’t get me wrong: I am not propagating the hedonistic or materialistic way of life here! Living lavish squandering wasteful life is strictly prohibited in Islam. So as being stingy penny-pinching miser too!


The Holy Scripture propagate seeking Allah’s bounty and then spend it wisely (verse 2:3) while living your live fully. A person who has livened up his live fully will die in a contented manner and the masses will remember this person in high spirits.


Those people who propagate the teaching of self-depravation, devoid of any worldly interest; are actually inventing their own religion that is not prescribed in the Holy Scripture and is never a part of our Prophet’s sunnah. And may I remind the reader that Prophet's Muhammad sunnah is the Quran! Nothing more, nothing less.


In actuality, they are propagating a minor part from the teaching of Hinduism or Deobandism that was founded in pre-civilized India where there are many fakirs doing amazing feats such as not eating for 100 days, standing on one leg for days, sleeping on bed of nails, etc. What positive and constructive contribution do these fakirs have on the community? Can they alleviate poverty, famine or illiteracy?


I sincerely hope those people who consider enjoying life as sinful; repent and refer back to what is in or what is not in Al-Qur’an. Please stop misguiding the masses. Stop inventing hadith and stop spreading lies about our Prophet. Or else, continue to live your miserable life on Earth and in the Hereafter!!!

Delusion Over Khalifah Of ALLAH

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There is a shortcut to conquer the world – embrace Malaysian brand of Islam and you can become the “Khalifah Allah di muka-bumi” (“The Vicegerence/Representative of Allah on Earth”;). Wow!!! What a pity over this delusion of self-appointed leaders of the world.


But that was the khutbah (sermon) on today’s Friday prayer here at a local mosque in Kuala Lumpur with the title of “Post mortem of a year in success”. If Barrack Obama listens to this sermon, surely he’ll dispatch an anti-terrorist reconnaissance squad immediately. And not before long, Kuala Lumpur may become another Baghdad and a lot of innocent people will be victimized. All this is because of the delusion over becoming the Khalifah of Allah on Earth.


The Khatib (the one who reads the sermon) even use the verse 2:30 as the basis of his argument. Regrettably I CAN’T see any word in the verse saying “khalifatullah”; only “khalifah”. The whole verse of 2:30 is “wa idz qola robbuka lilmalaa-ikati inni ja’ielun fil ardhi khalifah”. Period!


There is none in the verse mentioning “…fil ardhi khalifatullah” or “…fil ardhi khalifati-i”.

  • Where did he get the idea of Khalifatullah (Khalifah of Allah)?
  • Why does he only mention a part of the verse, not the verse in whole?
  • What is he hiding of, or what is his agenda?

He and many other Malaysian ‘Alims (so called “learned” people) take the meaning of Khalifah in the verse as Vigerence, Representative, Leader, King, or Man of Authority as they say that Abu Bakar, Umar, Uthman and Ali are the famous Khalifah after the death of our Prophet Muhammad. This is the popular understanding of the many non-Arabic speakers all over the world.


Since Al-Qur’an is in Arabic, we must take the real meaning of Khalifah according to the true Quranic Arabic language which is “Successor” or “Substitution”; rather than Leader, Representative, Man of Authority or Vicegerence.


If we read verse 2:30 to the end, we will come to realize that Allah creates our Greatest Grandfather the Prophet Adam as a substitute for somebody on Earth.


But what creature are we as humans are substituting for?

This question is answered by the Angels as those being who make damage to the Earth and shed blood all over.


How the Angels could possibly knew this?

The Angels knew this because the Appointed Messenger of the creatures is amongst the Angels taking shelter from the rampaging creatures on Earth.


Who is this Messenger? What are those creatures?

This Messenger is Count Iblis as stated in the Qur’an verse 2:34. The creatures are Jinn (Genies) as stated in our Holy Scripture AL-Qur’an surah 72. Because of the damages that these creatures have done on Earth, Allah has banished them into a lower dimension/domain separate from other beings.


Looking back at this, the word “khalifah” in that verse is nothing more than just a “substitute” – that's right! a "substitute". You hear me right! No leadership or authority is ever implied!


The Malaysian 'Alims won’t like this at all! No more special power, no more self-appointed leader, no more delusion! Just being a humble, plain servant to God.


Sigh! What is so special of being a servant to God? Some of you may ask. Let me ask you back: Do you have any other choice? Do you want to be equal to God? Anything beside God is a mere God’s creation; a creature, a subject, a servant. It is up to us whether we want to put ourselves as being loved by Allah or not.


This is the beauty of Islam. Allah gives us the only single thing that other creatures do not have any luxury of – the power to make decision, the power of choice! (Oh, I must mention that the Jinns were also given this power, but they misused it and now they reside in the lower domain.)


This power of making correct decision is the underlying message of Al-Qur’an. This is Deenul Islam – the Safe Judgment. This is the motivating power which drives our correct actions – ibadah, ‘amalan solihan (correct actions). Being guided by Ma’bud bil Haq – Allah. I hope you will see the relationship even clearer now; if not, please re-read my last posts.


Now let me show you why they exaggerate and substitute the actual words of Khalifah in the Holy Scripture with their own imaginary meanings.


I can’t see any other reason why they do this except that they are trying to impose their fancy whimsical doctrine.


The word Khalifah with the meaning of Power and Authority is parallel with their desire to indoctrinate the masses under their guise of the Representative of God on Earth. That is why they want people to accept their concepts of “Taqwa is Fear”, “Islam is Submission” and “Allah is the Punisher of Wrongdoers”.


I will elaborate the topic of Taqwa later, but enough to say here that their concept of “Taqwa is Fear” will subdue the masses to become “a mass of cowards” that is easy for them to manipulate. And their concept of “Khalifah as Representative of God on Earth” is inline with this agenda of manipulating the masses.


Now let us look at this issue from a different angle.


Their concept of “Khalifah as Representative of God on Earth” will instigate a lot of self exalted feeling (riyya’, ‘ujub) which is totally against the teaching of our Prophet Muhammad. The glorifying of one’s self is considered a sickness of heart and minor shirk (blasphemy). This is totally not from the Holy Scripture of Al-Qur’an!


From another angle, their concept also bears some resemblance with the teaching of Zionism through the Protocol of Zion to conquer the world. Children of Zion regard themselves as the children of God, but they manage come up a bit lower as to appoint themselves only as representative of God. Yet, they call themselves “Muslims”… how irony!


But if we look at the word “khalifah” as merely substituting another creature that has begotten Allah’s wrath (as oppose to become an imaginary Vicegerence of Allah), then we have to guard ourselves not to become like the previous creature. Am I right?


As a final word, we will run into more and more contradictions in the Holy Scripture of Al-Qur’an if we continuously follow their whimsical concepts and doctrines. I sincerely hope that they will stop misleading the masses and repent back to Islam as what they are embracing right now is not the teaching of the Holy Scripture of Al-Qur’an and our Prophet Muhammad never propagate what they are preaching now. BERTAUBAT LAH!!! Please repent!!!

ISLAM: A Confusion Between Millah, Deen and Ibadah

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When talking about Ad-Deenul Islam, most Malaysian Muslims will eagerly boast the phrase "Islam itu bukan sekadar agama, ianya adalah satu cara hidup" ("Islam is not a religion, it is a way of life")... well a quarter truth!


But when it come to practise, most of them will describe Islam as Solat (praying), Shoum (fasting), Zakat (tithe) and Hajj (pilgrimage). When we asked them to elaborate more, many of them will add Sadaqah (charity) as part of Deenul Islam.



When we asked them to elaborate more, they will add "do good deeds to your parents and neighbors". Some even will mention about Eid Fitr and Eid Adha (festivals) and any act of WORSHIP they can think of. They say Deen = Worship; and that Deenul Islam = Act of Worship to Allah alone without Shirk/Association.



Whatever they have mentioned above are actually called Millah in the Al-Qur'an and never were called as Deen as stated in verses 2:135, 3:67, 3:95, 4:125 and 6:161. And in Quranic Arabic language, Millah = Religion, Ritualistic Actions. So, here the Malaysian Muslims has contradict themselves!


The Jews and the Christians also have prayers, fasting, tithe and pilgrimage.


It so blatantly clear here that many Malaysian Muslim do not understand the word Deen. It is even more confusing to see that in their official translation of the Qur’an for the verse 1:4 “Maaliki yaumid deen” they translate it to “The Lord of the Day of Retribution”.


It is so sickening to me for them to use the word “Retribution” for Deen as if to support their agenda of indoctrination that I have describe in my last blog (here). “Retribution” seems to be fitting for their description of Allah as a Punisher and they portray the Deenul Islam as a religion of the opressors and tyrants by enforcing such usage as Taqwa = Fear, Islam = Submission, Yaumuddeen = Day of Retribution, Revenge, Payback, Reprisal. How shallow is their understanding of Islam!!! Very shameful and yet they manage to convert so many people to follow their self-proclaim indoctrination.


At another point of their official translation, they will contradict themselves by saying that Deen is now Religion by translating the verse 109:6 as “Untuk mu agama mu; dan untuk ku lah agama ku” (“For you all, your religion; and for me, my religion”;). You can see here how confused and clouded their mind is!


Or, should I say that they don’t have any solid understanding of what is “Deenul Islam” is all about. Rather, what they have is just a form of social indoctrination similar to other man-made doctrines. Very superficial and very plastic and without any real spirit or soul. It is safe to conclude that what they have and practise is NOT “Deenul Islam” as stated in Al-Qur’an! You wont find any contradiction or such cloudiness in Al-Qur’an.


Let me straighten this by first elaborating on the word Millah. Why Millah is associated with our Prophet Abraham most of the time? It is because one of our Prophet Muhammad’s duties is to purify the ritualistic actions to become as pristine and pure as in the time of our Prophet Abraham. This duty has also been carried upon by our Prophets Jesus, Moses, Joseph, Zacharrya, Job, etc. but most people will put innovations and create new ritualistic actions once the prophets died thus becomes the Millah of the Jews and the Millah of the Christians (Al-Yahuda wa An-Nassara).


Purifying the Millah back to Prophet Abraham’s time is not the only task of Prophet Muhammad. He must also re-establish the Deen of Islam. What is Deen then if it is not religion, not ritualistic actions?


Let us go back to the verse 1:4 above. The word Deen in “Maaliki yaumid deen” has the same rootword with the words: Dayan, Dainee, Diyyan, Deena, Daana, etc. All of these words are largely used in accountancy, financial, commercial, and monetary and bear such meanings as “debt”, “fund”, “settlement”, “trial-balance”, “judgement”, “repayment”, etc. As any words in Arabic language, when they share a rootword, they will also share similar meanings and usage.


So, the best usage of the word Deen in Maaliki yaumid deen is “The Lord of the Day of Judgement”. So Deen = Judgement. Period!


“Wait.. Wait..” (the Malaysian Muslims shout at me in anger). “What about 109:6. If Deen = Judgement, then 109:6 means ‘For you, your judgement; and for me, my judgement’ BUT surah 109 also mention Ibadah! Deen = Judgement CAN’T fit with Ibadah = Worship! You must be wrong!!!”


Aha..!!! Do you see where is the Malaysian Muslims’ argument fallacy?


Initially they mention that Deen = Worship. Now they say Ibadah = Worship. Therefore, Ibadah = Deen; and Ibadah = Religion; and Religion = Worship. Wow!!! Everything is everything! Like a soup! Isn’t this very confusing? If their argument is true, then the meaning of 1:4 is “The Lord of the Day of Worship”… or “The Lord of the Day of Religion”… Doesn’t make any sense at all!!!


I can only summarize their confusion as either they don’t have any real understanding of what Deenul Islam is or they have a very conflicting, baseless, unjustifiable principle. Very superficial and very plastic. No spirit, no soul.


The word in any language (specifically Arabic) has a very precise and specific meaning. To equalize Deen = Ibadah = Religion = Worship shows how shallow is one’s understanding or how confused is one’s state of mind. How pitiful and wasted…


Let me straighten this by saying what our Prophet Muhammad has said: “Removing a harmful stone on a walkway is ibadah”. He also said that: “Having intercourse with your wife is ibadah” (Of course having intercourse with other than your wife is also ibadah but it is classified as EVIL ibadah!). Therefore, Ibadah = daily mundane everyday actions like eating, drinking, walking, having intercourse, talking, etc.


Is it that simple? IT IS THAT SIMPLE!!!


If Ibadah is daily actions, what is Ma’bud? Ma’bud is the one who dictate or drive the actions. Period!


Let me recap this into a summary and if you apply these summary over and over in the Holy Scripture of Al-Qur’an, you’ll not contradict yourselves or run into confusion any more:

  • MILLAH = ritualistic actions
  • MILLAH HANEEFA = those ritualistic actions initiated by our Prophet Abraham and sanctioned by ALLAH.
  • MILLAH EEWAJA = the crooked, corrupted, innovated, bid’ah ritualistic actions not sanctioned by ALLAH.
  • DEEN = Judgement, principles for you to make decisions, opinions.
  • ISLAM / SALAM = safe, safety, sound, established
  • DEENUL ISLAM = a sound judgement, a safe judgement that leads to your safety in the hereafter
  • DEENUL BATHIL = a false judgement, bad decision, leads to your devastation.
  • IBADAH = daily mundane actions, everyday activities.
  • MA’BUD = the one who dictate those actions.
  • MA’BUD BIL HAQ = The True One who dictate or drive your actions = ALLAH
  • MA’BUD BIL BATHIL = The False Many who dictate or drive your actions; can be your desire, your jealousy, your false religion, your false believe, your tyrant wife, tyrant employer, tyrant leader or imam or ameer, or anybody who assume the controll of your life.

May ALLAH guide us all!!! Ameen!!!

It Is All About LOVE

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I begin my writing on these pages on december 26, 2010 by mentioning the most popular but always misunderstood phrase "Bismillahirrahmanirraheem" (In the name of ALLAH The Most Loving The Most Compassionate).


I realise that many people frown at me when I translate that phrase to English.


They say that English is no substitute for the full meaning of that phrase.

I won't disagree with that.


Their argument is that the Qur'an was revealed to our beloved Prophet in that specific language - Arabic.

I won't disagree with that too.


They say that our Prophet is from the most venerable tribe in Arab peninsular.

I won't disagree with that too...


In fact, I won't disagree with whatever reasons that make them frown either! That is not the point... There's nothing wrong in understanding the phrase in the language that it is naturally revealed. Muhammad is an Arab, and the Qur'an is revealed to him in Arabic - naturally!


If ALLAH wants to reveal the Qur'an in Ibrani or Aramaic, by any mean HE can do that! HE is the Most Knowledgeable Most Powerful. HE creates languages! ... but that won't be natural then! And of course ALLAH knew that too! So, language is not a great super deal I'm talking about here.


Let me ask your goodself:

  • In what language are you dreaming?
  • In what language are you planning your vacation?
  • What language do you use when something hit you or when you step into a nail?

Many of you will answer that they will be using their mother's tongue or the language that is naturally being used in their environment. Not exactly true though... think again. And again...


My answer will be that whatever we are dreaming of, or having nightmare, or our flow of thought, or our planning, or cursing; we all, - no matter what race or ethnicity, - no matter what is our environment, we are using the same language inside our brain. We have abstract "Mental Pictures". But presented to the outside using our mother's tongue or language.


That is, inside our brain, we have the same communication media for our understanding and comprehending the world around us. Language is just one of the bridge, a symbol, a media, a method to achieve that understanding

inside our brain.


What I'm saying here is: there are people out there who are scheming deviously to put a corrupted mental picture inside our brain that we ourselves can't comprehend. They craftily delete all but one single track and subtly shut off your brain creativity functions. Then they set a rule that if we try to expand our knowledge or venture out from whatever mental picture that they put inside our brain, we are damned and that we have committed a misdemeanor.


They say that my translation is not accurate. Only theirs' is accurate. They say that Bismillahirrahmanirraheem can't be translated into any other language. That you must know it in its original "form" only. It is a taboo to understand it in any other way than they have prescribed.


They have been so far so very successful in their devious scheme that they have elated this phrase to be the most famous phrase in the Islamic world. That's it... Period. Stop.


What we can witness here is that so many people utter this phrase as a second nature; mindlessly, no thought given, no rethinking. The most famous phrase just spurt out from their mouth everytime they want to start every single action.


That's it: their devious scheme is to make this most famous phrase as simply a "start-up phrase"!


The "start-up phrase" has been uttered so frequently everyday that most people has lost touch of its real meaning and message. It is like forgetting how you shivers and have goosebumps the first time you touch your wife because now that you seen her everyday. It is almost impossible to get that special "goosebumps" again.:D


How sad this can be... I pity them so much...


Don't you people realise that no matter how the word sounded: Rahmaan, Raheem... both come from a single root-word that many has forgotten the meaning?


They come from the same root-word that make out "Ruhama", "Irhamna", "Rahmat", "Rohimat", etc...


All these words is about LOVE.


ALLAH is so full with LOVE. He describes it in the most popular form "Rahmaan" and "Raheem". In other part of Qur'an it is in the form of "Ruhama" (Caring), "Rahmat" (Bless) - still within the boundary of LOVE.


Our Prophet Muhammad is carrying the same message as our Prophet Jesus and our Prophet Moses and our Prophet Abraham - LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!


So those people who stuff their jacket with dynamites and then shouts "Bismillahirrahmanirraheem!! Allahuakbar!!" then blows and kills everybody within 50 meters (including himself - naturally) is clearly booking himself in hellfire because of his hyprocritically behavior - he is doing this amazing feat of blowing himself out of hatred and anger while shouting Rahmaan and Raheem. How more hypocrite can one be? How successful the devious scheme is?


I want to show how crafty is their devious scheme:

  • They say that Rahmaan is for everybody including the Kafiroon, but Raheem is just for the Muslim.
  • Then they make similarity like rizki, oxygen, food that everybody are able to get, Muslim and Kafiroon - they say this is Allah's "Rahmaan".
  • Then they say that the worldly life is the Heavens for Kafiroon while it is Hell for Muslim; whereas the Hereafter is the other way around - they say this is Allah's "Raheem"
  • Then they say that every practising Muslim must utter this word everytime they are starting any action.
  • Done! Now you are a practising Muslim, congratulation!

Do you see where they shut your brain creativity functions? How they delete all other tracks? How they set their rule? How they overule you? How they brain-wash you? How they indoctrinate you? How they enslave your thought?


First, they segregate the usage of "Rahmaan" and "Raheem" between the Muslim and the Kafiroon (...any proof?). Then they try to justify that by giving similarity to everyday situation. Then they set another rule to relate to the previous rule. Finally they set how to make this to become a way of life... their way of life.


If anybody ever feel offended by my writings, it may be caused by not fully understand what is the actual point that I want to make. Forgive me for my shortcomings. But please bear with me and read on with my other writings. Thank you. May GOD guide us all. LOVE!!! LOVE!!! LOVE!!!

Allah Is No Punisher

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Contrary to many believe, Allah never said a single word in His Books Al-Qur'an, Injil or Taurat, that He will punish His subject; either human or jinn. Allah merely prepare for us the sweetness of rizki (endowment, sustenance) the same way he merely prepare for us the suffering of pain.


The simile to this is for us human to have a pair of scissors. We can do a lot of useful and constructive things with them. All of these useful and constructive things are beneficient to us. But we can also do a lot of damage if we misuse them and we can suffer a lot of pain because of them. If we hurt ourselve by misusing those pair of scissors, does that means Allah is punishing us because he created the feeling of pain? No, it is by our own wrong-doing that we suffer pain.


Furthermore, it is just not fitting the description of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Bountiful, the Most Loving and the Most Compassionate to be a "punisher" and "vengeful". How can He who hold the best and goodness of names be a "punisher"? Doesn't this constitute a contradiction?


Those people who claim that Allah punishes the wrongdoes clearly do not revere Allah as He should be revered as the saying in the Qur'an 39:67 ["And they do not revere Allah the rightful reverence fitting to Him..."]


I see no other reason why many people regard Allah as "punisher" except to fit in to their understanding that their concept of "taqwa" is "fear". For example, they usually say that the meaning of 3:102 as "O you all who believe, fear Allah as he should be fear, and die not less you are submissive..."


With due respect, my understanding of 3:102 is ["O you all who believe, discipline yourselves in front of Allah with the truest discipline, and die not less you are safe in good hands (of Allah)..."]


One can see clearly that if Allah is a "punisher" and we must "fear" Him and must "submit" to Him; there are quite a lot of loopholes for people with hidden agendas claiming themselves to be the imam, or leader, or the "rightful" representative of Islam to abuse the mass Muslim public and make them submit to their hidden agendas. This actually is what our Prophet is against of and clearly not what the Qur'an is all about.


If Al-Qur'an is the words of Allah, there should not be any loopholes for anybody to abuse and misuse. It is sickening to think that the words of God have more loopholes than any legal documents!


Clearly the Messengers of Allah (Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and many others) will not use these terms: "punisher", "fear" and "submission". Rather, these terms are more fitting to the saying of Fir'aun (Pharaoh), Caesar and Chairman Mao to enforce their agenda and doctrine upon the masses. And yet, nowadays those people who frequently use these terms shamelessly boasting that they are the leaders of "Islam"...


I sincerely hope they will stop misguiding people; repent and ask for forgiveness from Allah.